Mini Furniture, The Odyssey Continues

In my quest and to find the perfect mini-designer-furniture I’ve located “Design Furniture” by Yujin. Not perfect, but it’ll serve . . .

Nonetheless, I hate making things from kits. But I love miniature things. With “Design Furniture” I found a kit of miniature chairs that only have a few parts and take seconds to assemble. Since I love miniature furniture, the sacrifice is almost worth it. Still, I’m looking for high quality, low cost modern furni-mins, and welcome any leads.

5 thoughts on “Mini Furniture, The Odyssey Continues

  1. Mindy

    Those mixture of colors in the products makes me feel like it’s for kids. If it was a solid, single color, it would suit much better for an adult to want to buy it.

  2. Bonnie Clas

    Maybe this is too obvious of a lead, but the prices are incredible…
    A lot of blind box furniture is out there in the toy culture (such as the above link) but the problem is you might eventually run into repeats. Nevertheless the prices are great and they’re usually amazing quality!