No 53

4 thoughts on “No 53

  1. Louise Ellen Dunn Herman

    This is hypnotic. Beautifully presented. Impossible to stop reading and looking till the end, and then you want to go back and reread and reexamine. The words and illustrations meld into one art piece. Creates a picture in your mind. Somehow I am reminded of Hopper’s painting “Chop Suey” of the two women in the Chinese restaurant.

  2. Richard Bidart

    What a gorgeous piece of work. The words not only have sense and sound (they really do sing across the screen), they ring true with colors and imagery that not only define, but ultimately enrapture. The eyes shudder, the mind totters, the heart jumps rope–this is how moving Millman’s work is. I am always impressed to see how quickly she reinvents herself, for I think she’s made that precarious leap from commercial design to a true and shimmering art. No coincidence that a graphic designer recently won a MacArthur genius grant. Keep it going, Ms. Millman!

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