Design Inspiration

Finding graphic & web design inspiration for your next fabulous idea can seem daunting at times while other moments, it can flow seamlessly. Whichever end of spectrum you may find yourself, stay abreast on leading design projects and insights from design legends. Plus, mine Print’s vault of image galleries or discover the Image of the Day.

Federico Rozo

Designer of the Week: Federico Rozo

Designer of the Week Federico Rozo is all about challenging himself; as such, he's produced a varied body of work—from branding to artwork restoration.

The Comic Art of Mirko Ilić

Mirko Ilic is one of the most renowned designers alive today. Explore work from his lesser-known career as a comic book creator.

Designer of the Week: Gustavo Greco

Gustavo Greco is owner of Greco Design, a graphic design consultancy in Brazil that specializes in visual identity, editorial and wayfinding design.

Designer of the Week: João Magalhães

The RDA is the industry’s most prestigious and well-respected American design competition. Early-Bird deadline is March 1, 2017. Enter now! PRINT’s latest Designer of the Week spent his childhood lost in his own world of doodles, and it’s that same dreamer spirit that makes him the talented art director and designer he is today. Read on for his...