Design Inspiration

Finding graphic & web design inspiration for your next fabulous idea can seem daunting at times while other moments, it can flow seamlessly. Whichever end of spectrum you may find yourself, stay abreast on leading design projects and insights from design legends. Plus, mine Print’s vault of image galleries or discover the Image of the Day.


Designer of the Week: Liz Blazer

Designer of the Week Liz Blazer is a master when it comes to the animated documentary—and is committed to challenging our perceptions.


9 Award-Winning Designs: Invitation Inspiration

We here at Print would like to invite you to enter in the 2016 Regional Design Annual. The early bird deadline is coming up (that’s February 5th in case you were wondering), and we know that you want that discounted entry fee. Since we didn’t have the time (or money for that matter) to hand-craft each and...


Designer of the Week: Danny Jones

From musically-inspired photo-realism to visually engaging objects, Designer of the Week Danny Jones' creations are as diverse as they are beautiful.