Debbie Millman’s latest book Look Both Ways, is now available at My Design Shop. Look Both Ways is a collection of fully illustrated essays on the intersection of graphic design, love, life, behavior, rituals, brands, perceptions, music, art, even physics.

Also available: Debbie Millman’s DesignCast on branding secrets, entitled Why We Buy, Why We Brand

8 thoughts on “Penelope

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  2. benj

    This story is so impactful, and the humanism in the hand drawn letterforms make it feel real and close to your heart as you read. Every young professional in this industry can relate to this.

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  4. Anne

    This is so wonderful! thank you so much for sharing. Every young person should read this. The beauty of age, is shedding the insecurities of youth. For that I’ll gladly take a few wrinkles and a little gray hair.

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