Pepsi Hits Coke With Bottle

The bottle wars – plant vs. petroleum based containers – are heating up between Coke and Pepsi, notes the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (here):

Two years after Coca-Cola Co. unveiled a bottle made partly from plant materials, PepsiCo says it is introducing a better one. The Purchase, N.Y. company says it has developed the world’s first plastic “PET” bottle made entirely from plant-based materials. Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, is the most commonly used plastic for beverage containers.

Would you like lemon, lime, corn or potato with your drink?

Now, if only the United States would get on the metric system, we might become an industrial power again.

One thought on “Pepsi Hits Coke With Bottle

  1. Chris

    I think we could use picas as our standard of measurement and we’d be an industrial power if we have a reasonable tax and regulatory structure that encourages growth and risk taking, protects property and consumer rights etc.