Print in Motion Winner: Big Trouble

Entry Title: Big Trouble
Design Firm/Agency: San Jose State University
Client Company Name: San Jose State University
Production Company: Dylan Casano
Creative Director: Dylan Casano
Art Director: Dylan Casano
Animators Dylan Casano
Designer: Dylan Casano
Compositing: Dylan Casano
M3D Artists: Dylan Casano
Other Pertinent Credits: Dylan Casano

Project description
Eliot Arnold is a proud father of a not-so-proud son, But What Eliot doesn’t know is, a certain briefcase will remedy this issue. What he also doesn’t know is, six other individuals are also keen on nabbing the briefcase. And what nobody knows is, inside is a bomb.

This bomb is taken from these guys, brought to those guys, sold to this guy, stolen from that guy and ends up with these thick-headed guys; and these guys, they don’t know anything.

So, these guys take off to the airport, briefcase in tow. Should they reach the plane unstopped, everyone’s in “big trouble.”

This animation stands as a fictional movie title opening for the book, Big Trouble by Dave Barry as if it were published on the silver screen. 

Both the animation and the graphic style were designed to encompass the overall feeling of the craziness and the hilarity of the book. This animation precisely reflects the books effect on me when I was reading it. 

My inspiration came from the graphic quality of Saul Bass (It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World opening), the animation style and type treatments of various works by MK12 (Stranger Than Fiction opening), and Yoko Kanno’s wonderful, and very active music.

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