Print in Motion Winner: Explosions in the Sky's Last Known Surroundings

Entry Title: Explosions in the Sky’s Last Known Surroundings
Design Firm / Agency: Ptarmak, Inc.
Client Company Name: Explosions in the Sky
Production Company: Ptarmak, Inc.
Creative Director / Animator: David Hobizal
Art Director / Illustrator: Sissy Emmons Hobizal
Additional Art: JR Crosby, Luke Miller, Zach Ferguson, Christy Carroll, Ben Hansen
Additional 3D: Josh Johnson

Project Description
Born from a dinner table discussion on organic pattern formation and the reception of a new sound from a distant and emerging planet, the band Explosions in the Sky and the artists at Ptarmak set out to create the first ever music video for the leading track Last Known Surroundings for Take Care, Take Care, Take Care. Spearheaded by the visions of illustrator Sissy Emmons Hobizal, animator David Hobizal, and the band’s invaluable input, this video hopes to serve as a synchronized visual accompaniment to Explosions in the Sky’s “cathartic mini-symphonies.”

Firm Bio
Ptarmak is an Austin-based designery that collaborates intensively with a handful of clients each year. We’re a collection of behavioral analysts and cultural contributors. We craft brands, design packaging, move graphics, and make things–with all our heads, hands, and hearts.


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