Print in Motion Winner: GEL


Project Description:
For the Good Experience Live (GEL) 2011 Conference, we supported the event’s theme of “Breaking the Barrier” by juxtaposing real world, New York-infused situations (the venue for GEL was the New York Times Center) with Thornberg & Forester’s handcrafted “GEL treatment” we invented the previous year.

Upon creating general story lines, we built an internal, working script that would become our roadmap. We filmed in Manhattan and Brooklyn, then built rough edits which encouraged us to brainstorm even further. We built an additional small army of illustrators who painstakingly drafted and rotoscoped thousands of frames.

Altogether, the results certainly broke barriers.

Company Bio
Thornberg & Forester is an award-winning team of designers and visual storytellers. We work with world-class brands and, together, solve the biggest and most exciting creative challenges we can find.

We create, improve and enhance brands with the tools and media that will have the most impact. Our team is multidisciplinary, multimedia and multitalented. We don’t waste time and money debating new media versus traditional models. We make things happen quickly and effectively.

Founded by Elizabeth Kiehner, Scott Matz and Justin Meredith, our story really began with Walter P. Thornberg and Donalth Forester. Their spirits are still present in our office today. Brass fixtures. Bourbon on the rocks. Ties, wide and narrow. And, of course, a company-wide appreciation for yachting and lacquered, wooden golf clubs.


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