Print in Motion Winner: Thumbtacks

Entry Title: Thumbtacks
Design Firm: none (self)
Client: Self-Promotion for thumbtacks
Creative Director: Melissa Stammer
Art Director: Melissa Stammer
Voice over: Melissa Stammer
Animator: Melissa Stammer
Designer: Melissa Stammer
Writer: Melissa Stammer
Compositing: Melissa Stammer
Instructor: Michele Wong

Project description
Hi, my name is Melissa Stammer and when I was in high school I was guilty of having a cluttered, yet awesome bedroom wall. Years later, when sitting in my first motion class I was given the object “thumbtack” and told to design a creative animation around that theme. Immediately my mind flashed back to the hundreds of thumbtacks piercing my once bedroom wall and knew where to begin. Countless hours, days, and weeks later “Thumbtacks” the motion graphic was born.


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