Revolutionary Art

Filmmaker Manfred Kirchheimer’s latest film, Art Is . . . The Permanent Revolution: Outrage in Great Art opens on March 2 at the Quad Cinema in NYC.  The film documents the work of the great European graphic commentators, Goya, Daumier, Grosz, Kollwitz and more, while surveying four contemporary printmakers in the service of conscience – Sigmund Abeles, Ann Chernow, Paul Marcus and James Reed. Through their insights polemically humanist art is illustriously brought to the foreground.

This film is an important event for anyone for whom art is more than pretty pictures. It reminds us that art in the service of humanity is both a sacred trust and a dangerous weapon.

For more information visit First Run Features. For the trailer go here.

One thought on “Revolutionary Art

  1. Renato Alarcão

    This film reminds me of a book I have here on my shelf entitled The Indignant Eye. Printmaking is to me the ultimate revolutionary visual art form. The documentary has an interesting concept. It only deserved a better design and a more compelling trailer.