Skyscraper Soars Over Brooklyn

Brooklyn Babylon

Beth Morrison is  producing Croatian-born artist, Danijel Zezelj‘s large multi-media concert at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) from November 9-12.  Brooklyn Babylon has music by grammy-nominated composer, Darcy James Argue and his big band, Secret Society. The visual and narrative world/scene-stopper is created by Danijel who is up on scaffolding painting a 40-foot wide canvas during the course of the evening, and in front of him is a scrim with projected animation also created by Zezelj telling the story of the tallest tower in the world being built in Brooklyn – the inevitable loss of neighborhood that comes along with it.

Conjuring the baroque majesty of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and the gritty social narrative of Walker Evans’ photography, acclaimed graphic artist Danijel Zezelj’s animation brings the rich visual imagery of BROOKLYN BABYLON to life. Each frame is painted by Zezelj on a large wood panel, then digitally captured, processed and sequenced into an animated film, projected onto a giant scrim. Over the course of the performance, Zezelj also live-paints a vast cityscape, visible between animated chapters, which gradually fills a 30 by 4 feet canvas.

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