10 thoughts on “Starstruck

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  2. Louise E.D. Herman

    When reading/viewing this piece, scrolling down plays a part…thus the 4th dimension of ‘time’ adds to its meaning. Slow, slow…the letters turn into words, the slash~like markings, the colors, infuse the work with metaphor. It is this experience that stays with you, and encourages you to think about the whole, the parts, the appearance, the interpretation, of this art. Once again a deceptively simple lead-in to a world of meditation!

  3. hubert cumberdale

    What I see is an original entity at work–a changeling that inhabits the spirit of a sexpot, except there is a complex intelligence on display which examines the efficacies of mutable passions beneath all the bravado: in Millman’s keening world, the soft hush of pleasuring voices can easily transform into bleeding screams. What Millman has a special talent for–a strength she hits upon again and again in her pieces the way an inspired musician can shimmer out an awe-provoking sonority from his chosen instrument–is evoking the discord between what one says out loud and what one really feels within. For Millman does not see the world in black and white; she understands the true violence of an emotional life comes in manifold colors, manifold forms.