Striking Gold

Starting my own business was always one of those things I knew I would do. I’d worked for enough self-starters (as well as being raised by one) to know what I wanted, but after grad school it seemed like the practical thing would be to get a job, work off some debt, and then—someday—start my own thing.

But jobs were scarce, and what did come along didn’t feel right. I met Renee Walker in grad school and we enjoyed working on projects together. And once our minds were made up to give our own studio a go, we never looked back.

Gold stationery

And GOLD collective started. Our philosophy is to collaborate on projects, and let the other person shine when their skill set can. We have different, but complimentary skills. It’s not always easy, but finding someone you can really work well with is rare and we are grateful.

So far our clients have run the gamut, and we like this. We’ve worked with the Sausalito Women’s Club on their centennial logo, McSweeney’s on a book cover, an archive catalogue of the top 6 bay area MFA programs, Chronicle books, identity system for an LA PR firm, and we’re currently working on rebranding Wikia.

Wikia Fractal

Our hope is to keep doing a variety of things, to always be designing, and for this to be the last job we ever have.


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