The Lost Zebra Film Titles

Zebra in the Kitchen was a 1965 film starring Jay North (“Dennis the Menace”) as a young boy who lets the animals out of their cages at the Zoo, to set them free, but the animals start taking over the town. Also featured were Andy Devine (“Jingles” in “Wild Bill Hickock”) and Marty Milner (“Route 66” and “Adam 12”).

The animated title sequence of a modern menagerie and soundtrack by The Standells can be seen here.

4 thoughts on “The Lost Zebra Film Titles

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  2. Ina Saltz

    I remember Andy Devine from my childhood as the wacky host of “Andy’s Gang.” an early kids show on TV. My favorite line: “Twang your magic twanger, froggie!” I have no idea now what it meant, but his delivery of that line is indelible in my memory, even all these years later…he was a true character, a precursor to PeeWee.