Thanks for putting your suggestions in my box, Google.

Click the picture above for a Google-generated visual typology of suggestion boxes.

I love suggestion boxes — especially the ones that look like mailboxes. (Bob Evans used to have that kind, complete with raisable/risible flag. Do they still?)

On the subject of suggestion boxes: Joe Wenderoth’s Letters To Wendy’s is a tremendously fun novel, narrated through a staccato series of Wendy’s suggestion-box comment cards. Highest recommendation.

BONUS: illustrated 1989 patent for a “wheeled storage and display cart” (a.k.a. suggestion box)

AND: A trove of stock-image cartoons based on suggestion boxes.

4 thoughts on “Suggestions?

  1. ben

    This was a topic in my circle a few weeks ago- talking about mounting suggestion boxes on business that need to know they need some suggestions. The best part about a suggestion is, its just a suggestion- just becuase your ruban sandwich taste like fish doesn’t mean you have to change it.