Watching The Descendants

I came to drawing movies quite by accident; my first attempt, “Watching Beginners,” was inspired by the actual illustrations featured in Mike Mills’s award-winning film. I drew the plot as I watched, live and in real time, without erasing, editing, or stopping. I filled an entire Moleskine notebook in one sitting.

After the experience, I decided to try my hand at the medium again. I waited for what I considered to be the “right” film: one with snappy dialogue, exotic surroundings and a highly emotional plot. The Descendants seemed to meet all the criteria. I ordered it on-demand and set up to draw nonstop. But this film proved to be more difficult, and I needed to pause several times: oncewhen I had to draw a hospital scene, and a second time when the dialogue flew by too fast. But other than that, I drew in real time, albeit a little slower than before.

Next up: “Watching We Need to Talk About Kevin.”

3 thoughts on “Watching The Descendants

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  2. Kathryn Hathaway

    I had an instructor who had us try the video technique years ago. But the difference was to pause the (vhs) video for the 5 minutes the tape player allowed and draw the stilled image. What I noticed was how beautifully framed the images were. Lots of left and right of center focus. And pausing allowed interesting facial expresions you might not see otherwise. Thanks for the reminder!