Word Redesign

Here are some words I’ve remodeled recently and their use in a sentence.


celeveraging –  sə-le-ver-a-jing  – to use your fame to get ahead.
shenanigasm – shə-na-ni-ga-zəm – when a seemingly frivolous event has an explosive finish.
yarmikazi – yar-mə-ka-zi – half Jewish | half Japanese … with a vengeance.


We got in the club because my well-known friend cleveraged the yarmikazi at the door… I nearly had a shenanigasm.


Illustration originally found on the Poetry Foundation website. Illustrator unknown.

3 thoughts on “Word Redesign

  1. Deb Budd

    Love this kind of wordplay! These remind me of the old Saturday Night Live segment, “Sniglets.” Also saw this one in a Neil Gaiman short story – “upsettling,” for when neither “upsetting” nor “unsettling” seem exactly right… I believe he referenced Lewis Carroll as calling such merged words “portmanteau words.” As per this list:
    Also, does anyone else miss the word contests from New York magazine, when their immensely clever readers would submit their own ideas for “words we need but can’t find in the dictionary”?