Wunderkammer of Color: May 2012 Edition

Spring suffuses the natural world with color—but those with a keen eye know that color infiltrates city and town too, not to mention plenty of other nooks and crannies. Here are the hot color finds of the moment.

L'Excentrique(s) by Martin Buren

All images: Francois Guillot/Getty, via Architizer

Here is Excentrique(s), an art installation by Martin Buren that’s part of the 2012 Monumenta exhibit. Buren covered Paris’s Grand Palais with a low-hanging canopy of translucent films, blanketing passersby in a candy-colored, faintly melancholy bath of color. It’s an unusually smart inversion of the invincibly cheerful multicolored artwork: color rendered elegaic and intriguingly distant.

L'Excentrique(s) by Martin Buren

L'Excentrique(s) by Martin Buren

The artist Holton Rower is doing powerful stuff with color in his Pour series, now exhibited at the New York City gallery the Hole. Race on over to see this—it closes May 26.

From the Pour series by Holton Rower

From the Pour series by Holton Rower

Via Exhibition-ism

So much for brilliant eye candy. You’ll also want to stuff your ears with Radiolab’s episode on color, a mind-bending journey in thoroughly enjoyable Jad and Robert style. (It also features my good buddy Mark Changizi, the new Mr. Wizard of science marvels if ever there was one.)

Heck, why not stick with the science tip and add taste to the color sensorium? Instructables offers a fun project in Candy Chromatography that concludes, fittingly enough, with you eating the candy in scientifically replete satisfaction. Your boring Sunday afternoons are officially solved!

Candy Chromatography from Instructables

Should you have more free time to fill on a Sunday—or, really, any day—try the Pimkie Color Forecast, as featured on Curiosity Counts. The fashion brand Pimkie trained webcams on moda-minded streets of Paris, Antwerp, and Milan, then parsed the color data from the outfits captured on film. A little data slice-and-dice, and blammo! You get a deliciously specific read on the hottest colors in these fashion centers by the hour, day, week, or month. (Here’s a video explaining how Pimkie Color Forecast technology works.)

Pimkie Color Forecast

We’ll conclude today’s Wunderkammer with a tantalizing anecdote, as seen on the blog Futility Closet. Readers, I crave confirmation that Venezuelan postal workers are indeed as romantically chromatic as this item suggests. (Even if it’s blatantly false, how can we mobilize to make this come true?) Talk to me!

‘All the world loves a lover.’ But in Venezuela, they do something about it. T.R. Lahey, in the Catholic periodical, Ave Maria, is responsible for the statement that the postal authorities there allow love letters to go through the mails at half price! But there is a condition. The letters must be mailed in bright-colored envelopes (pansy-blue for loving thoughts, and pink cloud effects; there would be a place for yellow and green to express the feelings of envious suitors and jealous lovers). These bright tints are intended to help the postal clerks and postmen to recognize the nature of the missives; but what a temptation to the carriers to open the letters and cull precious thoughts and phrases!” – The Lutheran, Nov. 6, 1940

via Lovelihood on Flickr

Via Lovelihood on Flickr

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