Wunderkammer of Color: September 2011 Edition

Welcome to autumn! The air is crisp; the leaves curl earthwards and fill the streets with their papery-colorful confetti. It’s the season of gorgeousness, people: let’s dive in.

Autumn Leaves & Escalator from Flickr

Fashionistas crave cool fall weather for the chance to bundle up again in clothes, not to mention the annual barrage of fashion shows that – somewhat jarringly – herald how we’ll be clad next spring. So far this September, London Fashion Week just drew to a close, while the roving eye of moda now turns to Milan.

Here’s a glimpse of some hot duds from London, suggesting a handsomely crisp spring 2012, packed with diamond-sharp patterns (and witty digital throwbacks), moodily nuanced monochromes, and marvelously loud shots of pure color.

Jonathan Saunders


Mary Katrantzou

Pringle of Scotland

What else is afoot for color-fans? I’m heartily sorry I missed Seattle’s Colors of Commerce exhibit, an art / design installation drawing from those big juicy blocks of industrial color, shipping containers. As a port city, Seattle’s usually turbulently gray skyline is bisected with these giant bricks, themselves lifted into the sky with cranes as the ships are loaded or unloaded.

In addition to artworks drawing on the specific color-palette of shipping containers, the curators also put that palette to work in a smart infographic and a swatchbook including RGB and hex numbers for the most common container colors. Clever, eh?

Speaking of public displays of awesomeness, I give you Raleigh, NC’s L Building, currently bedecked in a massive 20,000-square foot banner of killer student illustration. Dubbed “The Fantastic Sky Race”, the illustration’s creators – Jordan Deva, Justin Phillips and Joe Lawson – won a student competition at NC State University’s College of Design to nab what might well be the world’s largest portfolio entry. The banner covers the L Building’s hulking exterior while renovations continue inside and out. (Full and frank disclosure: my brother Andrew Stewart owns the L Building as part of Empire Properties and was a driving force behind the banner project.)

It’s a shot in the arm to see a vast expanse of concrete drenched in smart, whimsical color like this – and the details of the banner bear closer inspection. I invite you to seek out the kids riding flying books like friendly pterodactyls: those two bouncing lasses on one book depict none other than my nieces, Emily and Maggie.

From the Raleigh News & Observer

Let’s close today’s post with a joke only this crowd could appreciate, from 9GAG. It’s titled (fittingly), When Dad is a Graphic Designer:

May your September days be filled with Pantone 15-1234 TPX (Gold Earth) and 18-1451 TPX (Autumn Glaze!

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