Design Thinking

What is design thinking? This creative approach has been deeply influential in the design world in recent years, leading to heated debate about the design thinking process, both pro and con. Imprint has provided a online forum to explore graphic design thinking as it is put into practice with clients and within companies—essential reading for today’s designers, art directors, and design leaders.


When They Say “Draw” in Texas …

Steven Heller opens a vintage copy of "Practical Drawing," which provided students the opportunity to learn the language of art as a tool of communication.


Vive la France, Merci Bernard

Pierre Bernard, co-founder of the legendary French design collective Grapus, passed away on Monday. See his last poster here.


Streamline Narratives

Enjoy these very short stories about the epoch of progress known as the Streamline age.


American Graphic Design in NYC

Steven Heller reflects on Mildred Friedman's 1989 "Graphic Design in America: A Visual Language History"—the first major graphic design exhibition in the US.