Print 2014 Editorial Calendar

MAY/JUNE: Top Design Entrepreneurs + Interactive Design Trends

In this issue, we’ll explore the emergence of the design entrepreneur and how these thought leaders are shaping creative businesses with their design expertise, keen business sense and career knowledge. We’ll also take a look significant and current interactive and web design trends through design firm and project profiles.
Special Focus: Interactive and Typography

PITCHES DUE BY: 11/29/13
ISSUE MAILS: 4/22/14
ON SALE: 5/13/14

JULY/AUGUST: Design Disciplines & Trends + Design School Solutions

Design disciplines are critical to the success and expansion of the design industry but rarely do they get the spotlight. This issue will give them their due, exploring current design disciplines and why they are important to the field at large. We’ll also explore design schools and their approaches to design education, as well as how to get the most out of your experience.

ISSUE MAILS: 6/24/14
ON SALE: 7/15/14

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER: International Design Issue + Stock Photography

Every designer needs to keep up with global design trends. This issue examines design trends and philosophies forming in areas around the world and how various cities are embracing design to create a better and smarter environment for people to live and play. Plus, we’ll look at how design can effectively communicate with audiences from different cultures.

ISSUE MAILS: 8/26/14
ON SALE: 9/16/14

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER: Regional Design Annual (double issue)

The RDA is not only our most popular issue, it’s also America’s biggest and most respected design annual. As a double-size issue, it features work from acclaimed design firms, individuals and upstart studios alike. It’s an essential read for all designers. Also included are year-end looks at book, album, and type design, as well as an essay by Steven Heller reflecting on industry.

ISSUE MAILS: 10/21/14
ON SALE: 11/11/14


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