3 Reasons to Learn About Color Theory

Color is critical to any successful design project, yet nailing the ideal color palette for a project is notoriously tough. Learning about color theory is a great way to perfect your use of color in your design work. We’re thrilled …

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Vibrant Resources for Color Lovers

Are you passionate about purple? Do you burn with the romantic radiance of rich reds? Do cheerful, energetic yellows brighten up your day? If so, you’re likely one of the color lovers that are so prevalent in the design world. …


6 Stunning Paper Folding Projects

Popularized in 9th century China, paper folding is one of the world’s oldest art forms. It continues to be a popular outlet for creatives of all stripes today, inspiring cleverly-folded masterpieces. If you want to learn the art of paper …


How to Make a Product: Product Design Checklist

Learn all about the product design process in Liz Long’s HOW U course, How to Make a Product: The A-Z Guide to Product Manufacturing. Enter code LIZLONG at checkout to take 20% off tuition! photo from Shutterstock Have you ever …


How to Design Creative Packaging for Beverages

Creative packaging design takes a lot of work to perfect. Read up on it in the Handmade Packaging Workshop book by Rachel Wiles. This book explores explores innovation, design, and the beautiful aesthetic of handcrafted packaging. Get it here. Do …


HOW U Video: Try it Free

HOW and Print are proud to introduce HOW Design University Video, a new website featuring a broad variety of design videos and tutorials to help you advance your career and perfect your design skills. For 25 years, the HOW brand …


The Explosive Hand Lettering Rebellion

A stealthy resurgence happening in the design world. Hand lettering is not-so-quietly making a colossal comeback, exploding into the forefront of design.