3 Tips for Making Your Pitch to Attend HOW Design Live

HOW Design Live

Anyone who’s been to a HOW Design conference will tell you it’s an incredible, inspiring experience. But if you’re going to ask your employer to pick up the tab, you have to make a bold case for attending.

So here’s a bit of tactical advice on getting your manager to send you to HOW Design Live: It’s not about you. To be effective, any persuasive argument has to focus on what’s in it for the person you’re trying to persuade. What does the boss gain by sending you to HOW?

Here are 3 tips for positioning the return on investment for your company:

  1. You’ll become a bigger asset to the company. You’ll learn how to think strategically, solve the company’s challenges and effectively communicate with customers to grow your business.
  2. You’ll learn best practices from the world’s top brands. You’ll learn how companies like Coca-Cola and Kraft Foods leverage branding, communication and design for bottom-line growth—and how your organization can do the same.
  3. Everyone else on your team will benefit, too. In every session and in every conversation, you’ll be collecting new ideas for working smarter—ideas you’ll bring back to the office the very next day.

Ready to book your HOW Design Live registration? First, talk to your boss. Make your pitch using these 3 selling points.

And here’s ROI point No. 4: If you register by March 31, you’ll save the company $200 on your Big Ticket registration—that’s our best package that gets you access to all sessions, events and activities, PLUS every available session handout and audio recording

You’ll never have this opportunity to gain such big returns on such a sweet-deal investment. So register now!