Ellen Shapiro

Feasting on the President: Illustration in the Age of Trump

We can’t get away from Donald Trump. Newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, internet, Twitter(!). Everywhere, every day, every hour. Some people feed on it. Others tune out. Others are angry and want action, if not to impeach him, to make sure he’s not reelected. One thing for sure, the presidency of Donald Trump has been...

A Love Letter for You from Tony DiSpigna

Friend, fine artist, teacher, designer and hand-letterer par excellence, Tony DiSpigna’s work is enjoying a much-deserved renaissance with the publication of a beautiful new book and a line of T-shirts with his Spencerian lettering.


The Swiss Wünderkind Shows Us How It’s Done

Stefan Hürlemann is 23 years old, Swiss, and posts every day on Instagram, where Ellen Shapiro discovered him. You should discover him too. This is the future of typographic design, both aesthetically and in terms of how a designer needs to market him or herself.