Help Is on the Way

Hurricane Sandy caused terrible damage, but as always in New York, the tragedy brings the best out in people of good will. It was heartening to see all the different power company logos from around the country at the Con Ed staging area in Union Square park.

Sandy Day One: Con Ed ready for deployment

I spoke to an electrical repair man from Georgia, who had driven 18 hours to help in the repair effort. He told me that he had a lot of experience with underground power lines, which, he noted, were not the easiest to repair after being submerged under sea water. “Salt water and copper wire are not a happy combination,” he said with a Southern lilt. In Atlanta they have the same system, but the wires are more protected than in NYC. He was anxious to get underground and start working.

We in New York owe a great deal to this “liberation army” of power experts from Georgia, Ohio, Kansas, and elsewhere. And to the National Guard who distributed water to the 200,000 plus in lower Manhattan.

From Rochester, New York

Pepco from Virginia

KCP&L from Kansas City, Missouri

George Power from Atlanta

AEP Ohio from Canton, Ohio

AEP Indiana Michigan Power from South Bend, Indiana

Duke Energy from North Carolina

Duquesne Light from Southwestern Pennsylvania

Staging area for NYC National Guard water distribution

Tree at Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park takes a hit, though not as bad as New Jersey and Long Island

Downed tree on University Place, and a lucky bike

Cutting the felled trees in Union Square park

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7 thoughts on “Help Is on the Way

  1. Steven Heller Post author


    If you were caught in New Orleans during Katrina, or traumatized by Congresswoman Gifford’s shooting or the deaths of American troops, I apologize for those who politicized them.

    By the way, last time I looked at the news, the tragedy of Sandy impacted New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island (where my family lost a home) and Westchester. But I guess you flew over them.

    Thanks again for your concern.

  2. Tiberius

    Mr. Heller, everybody’s place, beyond the bounds of the five boroughs, is “elsewhere.” That’s why you call it “Flyover Country.”

    No time was wasted in politicizing Katrina. No time was wasted in politicizing the Gabby Giffords shooting. No time is wasted in politicizing the deaths of American soldiers.

    Congratulations. Now you know what it feels like.

  3. Steven Heller Post author

    Tiberius –

    Thanks for politicizing an already difficult situation. There is a time and place for everything, and this is, my friend, is not the time, and Your Capitals Show That Your Place is elsewhere.

  4. Tiberius

    Wait wait wait…

    If Katrina and it’s delayed response was Bush’s fault, when will you offer your full-throated indictment of Barack Obama for his knuckle-dragging disregard for the lives and misfortunes of America’s Most Important Citizens, the Mighty New Yorkers?


  5. ray sum

    This is what happens when Bloomberg threatens Con(man)edison with a criminal investigation for not moving fast enough. Bloomberg might have his faults but he know how to get it done.

  6. RWordplay

    How fortunate we are and I wish there were a way to properly show our gratitude. These pictures also puts the notion of local in its proper perspective. In a time of complexity, local is a quaint, but entirely useless concept. Yes, it can be attached to certain activities, customs or preferences, but only when the sun is shining, people have money in their pockets and time on their hands.