Global Warming or Extreme Weather?

Tom Davie produced a typography print titled "Sweepin’ Down the Plain," created to aid in the tornado recovery effort currently taking place in Moore, Oklahoma. As a new professor of graphic design at The University of Oklahoma, he wrote me: "I was compelled to use my passion for type as way to help sustain...


Mural Brightens Homeless Shelter

Design firm Alfalfa Studio turns bleak into beautiful with this large-scale mural titled "A Fruitful Life" at a homeless shelter.


Wallpaper (not the magazine)

While in Rome, design expert Steven Heller took note of the design in vintage booklets on how to hang wallpaper. Take a look at these charming examples.

Pencil to Pixel, Exhibit by Monotype

Relive the Beauty of Pencil to Pixel

Did you miss “Pencil to Pixel,” a one-week popup exhibit of artifacts representing more than 100 years of typeface design? Check out these fabulous photos.


Signs The Old Fashioned Way

New regulations in New York somewhat deem billboards as eyesores, unlike signage from the late 1920s. View these old-fashioned signs from the 1920s.


Run It Up the Totem Pole and See Who Salutes

Have you ever thought about the totem pole as environmental signage before the age of the advertising towers? View these conceptual totem pole designs featured in SVA's "Tall Tales" exhibit, through May 25.


The Cave

My son, NIcolas Heller (a.k.a. Ricky Shabazz) recently directed and edited a short interpretive video about the apartment where I keep benign, volatile and explosive artifacts of design and commercial media that I use in some of my books on politics and counter culture. He writes: Since I was an infant, I have feared...

Electricity, Still Healthy

  Electricity is still the most cherished of the world’s power sources. Oil, coal, nuclear are all considered threats to health and planet, but nobody doesn’t like electricity (thanks Sarah Lee). Most people celebrate the 1939 New York World’s Fair: “The World of Tomorrow” as the epitome of fairs. But the 1933 Chicago “A...

RDA Selects: A “Sustainable Canvas” for Seattle's Biotech Hub

We’re running selected projects from the 2012 Regional Design Annual along with quotes from their designers. To submit work for the 2013 RDA, click here—the early-bird deadline is February 1. (And if you haven’t yet picked up a copy of the 2012 Annual, order one now—supplies are running low!) Macro-Micro installation by Belle &...

Don't Turn Your Back on History

What is disconcerting about the tour of Italian Fascist architecture in Rome I’ve been on for the past few weeks is that the buildings, signs, and symbols are still intact, more or less undisturbed, as monuments to the past. Mussolini may have intuitively understood that after his downfall and execution, his portraits and busts...