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Meghan Markle coat of arms 1

Decoding the Symbolism in Meghan Markle’s Coat of Arms

Now that Meghan Markle is officially the Duchess of Sussex, what does her coat of arms actually mean? Well, to start, there are lots of California references. According to a statement released by Kensington Palace, the coat of arms was approved by the Queen, who worked closely with Markle on the design, which is...

Tribal Design Mardi Gras Style

In 1993 illustrator/designer Mark Andresen was commissioned to do a group portrait of 17 of New Orleans legendary Mardi Gras Indian chiefs. The purpose was to make lithograph posters to sell with proceeds being split among the artist and participants.

Holiday Heller: Back To Design School

Face facts: Today, Labor Day, is the end of Summer. Heat and humidity will soon be a memory. Design students are going back to school (and we can look forward to Columbus Day, Halloween, election day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah). Here’s a gift idea for your favorite design student: “Type Deck” identifies particular forms...

Comics Speak Out

Thanks to the newly published "We Spoke Out" from Yoe Books, we now know that difficult subject matter was covered in comic books as early as 1951.

Replacing Hate with Design Advocacy

The weeks following the 2016 Presidential election saw an unprecedented rise in hate speech, hate crimes, vandalism and violence against minorities and people of color. Vicki Meloney, an Associate Professor at Kutztown University, took notice and decided to make a change, thus Replace-the-Hate was born.