Two publications were brought to my attention recently. They come from two different time periods, two groups of artists and they have the two coolest names of all time: Blast and Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts. Beyond my highbrow respect for anyone using expletives in titling their work, these two have amazing typography, design and lo-fi production.

Blast was magazine of art and literature from the vorticist movement. A hard-to-define moment in art history that’s often compared to futurism, though founder Wyndham Lewis claimed its independence from other movements. Blast was the vorticist’s manifesto in which they “blasted” or “blessed” people and institutions. The “hot or not” that many revolutionary art movements go through.

Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts was published by poet Ed Sanders’ Fuck You Press. (That was a fun sentence to write! I feel like I’m 13!).  It featured work by William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsburg and Sanders himself (lead singer of The Fugs, btw). Fuck You represents the so-called mimeo revolution and reminds me of the amount of risograph publications I recently saw at The New York Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1. Another publishing revolution?

Some images of both publications and well as some hits from Fuck You Press below. Thanks to Blair Hartzell for telling me about Blast and Brock Shorno for educating me on all forms of counter culture!


Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts

Also from Fuck You Press:

7 thoughts on “BLAST and F*CK YOU

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  2. anita

    I have an exam of design history on Tuesday and it includes details about vorticist, blast, marinettis influences and so on, thanks for sharing the links, it’s easier to remember when I have full color covers and some more info.

  3. Steven Heller

    Bravo –
    Sanders’ mag was legendary when I was a kind living in the projecfs (Stuy Town) only a handful of blocks from the Peace Eye bookstore. Thank you August for bringing these rarities back to light.
    As a kid I attened many Fugs concerts at the Bridge on St. Marks Place, where Sanders and company sang “Kill for Peace,” “Boobsalot,” “Nada” and more. I was 15 when one of the Fugs handed me an “Enemy of the State” button. I wore it home and my liberal parents were shocked.
    Strange since my dad actually liked reading “Fuck You.”
    Thanks for the memories.