iPhone Scanning

In June of last year Grizzly Software released the Genius Scan app for the iPhone. When I first heard about it, I had no idea how much I would use it for business and typography. The app is billed as an app for a smart business traveler. It allows you to photograph receipts, flatten them out and make them legible. Its like a mini photoshop on your phone. The result is as good if not better than a photocopy or a fax.

After using Genius scan to email a few receipts, I instantly I realized how much I hate faxing things. But nearly as instantly I realized it could be used for much more. Often I want to refer to something quickly in a book for client work or for the class room. Often this is a piece of typographic design. This little magical scanner has made my life easier and my reference images much more beautiful.

Images taken from Lettering Art in Modern Use by R. A. Ballinger (1957) and Grafika by Imre Reiner.

One thought on “iPhone Scanning

  1. Mike Scibetta

    I use GS to scan Business Cards. I have all the cards in a single document. Easy to refer to, easy to forward a single card to an associate.
    I also scan important documents, like Auto Registrations.
    It is the best App I have on my iPhone.