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Bread & Circus: Ignorance & Brand Participation in TV Advertising

“Bread and Circus” referred to they way the Roman emperor would hand out cheap food and entertainment as a way to gain popularity with the common people. And yet today, it’s this same model that should replace the lingering plague of 30-second TV spots.


Reporting from the Third Annual Vienna Design Week

Motor Mouth

James Dyson’s new handheld vacuum boasts the most powerful ?engine ever designed for a home appliance. 

New and Notable 2009

See a slideshow of the year’s best products in the categories of
Live, Work, Shine, Play, Rest, Move,  Eat, Wear, Exit, Make,  and Buy.

Q+A: Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders has given the world booger-shaped vases, avant-garde macramé chairs, and his girlfriend on a string. Now, in “Daydreams,” an exhibition opening November 22 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art that only Wanders could dream up, the inimitable Dutch designer mixes 14 years of his...

Grey Is the ?New Green

Greyhound’s redesign comes just as long-distance bus travel is beginning to look more appealing again—for environmental as well as economic reasons.

Outsider Art

A vacant city lot turns into a temporary outdoor gallery.

Zen and the Art of Gaming