A Year in the Life

Almanach Hachette is one of the great annuals from the era of almanacs. It was the record of the life of France in a year. From the oddest oddities of the year to the relative size of pigs and sheep throughout Europe to the quantity of automobiles on the continent, these books of facts and factoids documented anything and everything.

hachettehachette 5 hachette 6 hachette 7 hachette 8 hachette 9hachette 4

hachette 2 hachette 1hachette 3

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3 thoughts on “A Year in the Life

  1. Paper Acrobat

    Infographics are not a new idea, just a revamped one like most things these days. Who knows what will come back in fashion next?
    Letterpress is certainly going through a revival among other things. Bring back thermo I say!

  2. the801

    Maybe you were joking with the “relative size of pigs and sheep throughout Europe” bit; but in case anyone is confused, the pictographs beautifully and simply illustrate the number of automobiles per person in various countries, the number of babies born in 1932 compared to 1920 in areas of Europe, the number of sheep per person in various countries and France’s budget in 1933 compared to 1927. And who doesn’t love a good pictograph? Thanks for posting!