John Kascht's caricatures

John Kascht’s caricatures of celebrities large and small with heads large and bodies small, have a sculptural mass and chromatic luminosity. Now they are backlit by the Ipad. Editorial designer Joe Zeff and illustrator Kascht have teamed up to produce an app – a caricature app or caricappature – featuring a selection of charged portraits in sketch and final form, just perfect for emailing to a friend on emai, Facebook or Twitter.

The “Above & Beyond: John Kascht” website “takes you inside the wondrous world” of this artist, says the promotional copy. “On a tiny farm in Pennsylvania, Kascht works with the meticulousness of a forensic examiner, deconstructing the world’s most recognizable faces.” The site illuminates the work in Kascht’s words and process photos. For more information go here.

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