Die Deutsche Sheet Musik

Sheet music from the late nineteenth through the early twentieth centuries was, shall we say, the record cover art of its day. Before 78 rpm records were bound into albums with illustrated covers, sheet music was the primary platform for home entertainment. And early on, music publishers understood the virtue in adorning the “first page” with attractive art and appealing typography. These examples (c. 1922) are uniquely poster-like. Hand lettering dominates, and the litho crayon and watercolor brush is apparent. Curiously, despite the virtuosity, the designers’ names and signatures are unknown to me.

6 thoughts on “Die Deutsche Sheet Musik

  1. steven heller

    From Thilo von Debschitz:
    The first and third cover have been created by Willy Herzig. Herzig was born on August 26, 1894 in Dresden, and worked in Vienna (address: Wien VIII, Pfeilgasse 23, Luigardhof) as poster designer and book illustrator from 1909 to 1939. Amongst his clients in Austria and Germany were the Alrobi Musik Verlag, Wiener Boheme Verlag, Eden Verlag, Fidelio Verlag, Drei Masken Verlag, A. Crantz (Brussel), Edition Accord, Verlag Robert Lienau and others.
    I guess I should look at Google more often. Thanks to Nora Gummert -Hauser too.