Osama Been Rejected

A call. An idea. A blog post. That’s how it works at The Daily Heller. So when Rick Meyerowitz called (waking me from a deep sleep) to assertively suggest:

“Why not have some illustrators show their Osama sketches and rejects, there have to be a bunch . . .”

. . . we jumped into action. Well, there are not as many as you’d think, which I would add “shouldn’t have been rejected.” But I’ve been sent a few good ones that I’d have used if I were king. These I will share today.

(From top: Maira Kalman and Rick Meyerowitz, Anita Kunz (3), Bob Grossman (2), Seymour Chwast)

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7 thoughts on “Osama Been Rejected

  1. Steven Heller Post author

    Mr. Barron : I respect your response. And it does indeed matter that I “lost one fan.” I have long written about racial and ethnic stereotyping. And there is truth to what you say here. Also I have very mixed emotions about celebrating death in any form. That is not the point of the post. Whether we like it or not, Bin Laden’s death is big news. Bin Laden’s LIFE was big news. To ignore it on any level is ridiculous.

    This post is about how designers and illustrators look at this individual and his context. There is wit, comedy and passion expressed. Chwast’s portrayal is neither celebratory or stereotyped. Kunz’ concept is an indictment against his acts of violence. Grossman’s is a play on words and features. And Kalman and Meyerotwitz’s is just wonderfully absurd. The offense is aimed at Bin Laden. It is not an indictment against anyone else.

  2. C Barron

    I would have thought you being an artist could hold yourself above pettiness Mr. Heller. I’m not a fan of Bin Laden, but neither do I celebrate death. You just lost one fan for whatever it’s worth. Exagerated arab features full of vitriol.Your images are reminiscent of how our country has portrayed the Japanese, Mexicans and Jews in the past during times of crisis. Shame on you.