Pablo Ferro, Book Illustrator

I just received a copy of The Two Sisters Cafe by Elena Yates Eulo and Samantha Harper Macy, illustrated by Pablo Ferro, better known for his striking movie title sequences than as a book illustrator.

“In this unforgettable tale of a fifties café in northern Kentucky, the sleepy little town of Willow Creek is steeped in good fellowship, magic, and strange occurrences. In this spot, without so much as a dot on the map to hint of its existence, the two sisters, Alma and Vannie May, often show up unannounced when most needed, and their business, The Two Sisters’ Café, is open from early morning until the last customer of the night chooses to leave, full of something more sustaining than even the sisters’ amazing food.”

From the man who started his career in the comic books, check out Ferro’s illustration animation on the Ferro blog here.

3 thoughts on “Pablo Ferro, Book Illustrator

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  2. Joy Moore

    Pablo’s new work is so impressive, as it shows the range of delicate intricacy that he has developed over the years. It is so different, yet still Pablo. You can look at each one of the 8 ot 9 peices for hours and find little details that will blow your mind….It is the 60’s once again!

  3. Samantha Harper Macy

    As co-author of The Two Sisters’ Cafe, I’m overjoyed to have Pablo’s drawings, energy, and magic imprinted on the pages of our book and splashed across the universe with this commercial. Knowing and working with him is a pleasure beyond compare. He’s a cosmic dancer, as I’m sure most of you know.