Peter Lloyd and the Sheen of Airbrush

The illustrator Jose Cruz wrote to say that many of the airbrush illustrator Peter Lloyd’s works are up for sale. “Peter’s widow Brenda and his daughter Annie have put many of his illustrations, paintings, and drawings for sale to repay all of the medical expenses and debt left behind by Peter’s hospitalization and death.”

Lloyd (1944–2009) was one of the “Kings of California Airbrush Art” of the ’70s and ’80s—his specialty was a more frothy kind of rendering than the spare work on the East Coast. “He inspired me as well as many other illustrators that I know through his stylish airbrushing which is unparalleled today,” Cruz writes. “Just recently I was looking at the stuff he did for the movie TRON and it’s amazing how far ahead he was and how long it took the computer age to catch up with him.”

This is a rare opportunity to own and to memorialize one of the masters of Illustration. Brenda Lloyd may be contacted directly @ Read more about Lloyd here.

5 thoughts on “Peter Lloyd and the Sheen of Airbrush

  1. Lake Lloyd

    I feel like I have no choice but to respond to this post. I am Peter Lloyd’s daughter. He had two biological children– me and my brother. In the three years since our dad died, Brenda has shut us out and kept everything from us. His family has tried numerous times to find out what the status is of his work (and our family photos, and his ashes…) but to no avail. It looks like if my brother and I ever want to see our dad’s paintings again we will have to buy them. I’m guessing the rest is gone. And that is very, very sad.
    Sorry to make a private matter public here, but I just feel like I have no choice. It’s very hard to have to get my information from blogs rather than from Brenda herself.  

  2. Brenda Lloyd

    Thank you Steve, for sharing these images in an effort to help us. Peter I’m sure would be thrilled to know that so many of his pieces have made their way into the homes of his contemporaries as well as all the people who appreciate his work. A huge heartfelt Thank You to everyone… Brenda Lloyd