Riting Before Texting

Before Instagram, photo albums required considerable manual labor to keep fresh and current. There were various ways, but one of the most popular was a tracing method, in this case known as Rite-a-Title. You could “Write a Title in a brilliant, permanent white without pen or ink” and “Decorate snapshots with humorous sketches.”

gradesIt was relatively simple for paper to paper tracings: Just place Rite-a-Title on plain paper, glossy side up. Then place tracing on Rite-a-Title and trace with firm, even pressure. When using two or more colors be sure to keep sheets in register when changing from one color of Rite-a-Title to another. (Colors include white, red, blue, green and yellow.)

For photo albums: Hold Rite-a-Title firmly to prevent slipping. Write, print or trace with firm, even pressure. Use sharp pencil or stylus. Then clean with soft cloth.

Rite-a-Title can even be used for movie titles with their special “Titling Outfit.”

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