Souvenir Roma

Here in Roma the streets are filled with typographic history. But my interest today is Futuristic artifacts. My first souvenir is a deck of postcards featuring caricatures drawn by Tullio Crali, the Futurist painter whose paintings combine speed, aerial flight, and the mechanics of aerial warfare. These caricatures of F.T. Marinetti were made by Crali to look like they were drawn by many of the leading Futurist artists, rendered in the style of their signature work.

(See the memorial to Dan X. Solo, master type revivalist, on Weekend Daily Heller.)

R. Di Bosso

I. Pannaggi

T. Crali


G. Balla

F. Depero

G. Severini




3 thoughts on “Souvenir Roma

  1. wallisp

    Once again, thanks for these early 20Th century posters. Being that life was less complicated, No cells/devices, taking emotions, concentration of issues,  offline, there is always a purer, simplistic message in these early posters, you do not experience today. Seems the brain worked better then than now, judging the trends of non-civic duty, and non- voting, is so prelevent. One can easily take any of these posters, with minor editing, and apply them politically again.