Tate á Tate With Sara Fanelli

Tate á Tate With Sara Fanelli

Children’s book illustrator and fantasist collage maker, Sara Fanelli‘s work is now on sale at the Tate Gallery in London.

Jo Mazzotta, who commissioned the work, says: “I was captivated by Sara’s work when I joined Tate nearly two years ago and came across the book Sometimes I think, Sometimes I Am and I felt that her inventive, original style of work with its rich textures could translate well with different types of objects and materials.”

Mazzota created the line of notebooks, tumblers, pencil cases and candles because, she says “Her illustrations have such wide appeal. Men seem to love he work as much as women and its not alienating to a younger audience either. I thought it would speak to people on many different levels. Her work is magical.”

Here is the Tate line.

Sara FanelliSara FanelliSara FanelliSara FanelliSara Fanelli