The Posters of Occupy Wall Street

Early this morning, I visited Zuccotti Park, the shaky seat of Occupy Wall Street. Today is the two-month anniversary of the Lower Manhattan encampment, and although the NYPD raided it earlier this week and rousted the protesters from their tents, there was a sizable crowd there before 7 a.m. They were there to march on the New York Stock Exchange, the first in a series of events today, ending (as I write this) with a rally in Foley Square. At the park, I picked up the newest issue of The Occupied Wall Street Journal, the movement’s free newspaper, which is produced by volunteer designers and printers. I had seen the first issue in early October, and though it was impressive, this latest edition, a series of posters, is a marvel. Whether or not you think the movement could benefit from professional branding (and I’m with Steven Heller on this one), you can’t pretend anymore that it hasn’t produced beautiful, powerful visual work. Have a look at some highlights from the issue, or better yet, pick one up for free in Zuccotti Park.






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12 thoughts on “The Posters of Occupy Wall Street

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  3. GG

    Fun fact: over 70$ of the OWS participants are employed. Most protest AFTER OR BEFORE WORK, or take off work without pay. Compare that to the Tea Party with only 50% employment and funded by billionairs.
    Having or not having a job is not the point. The point is we’re tired of profiteers running our country into the ground, wiping their asses with it, and leaving us to clean it up while they buy their 4th luxury home and pay to have their own groomed and trained candidate put into office.
    The next argument might be, well one should join the military. “That’s true sacrifice”. That doesn’t make sense either. I don’t even want the profiteers to be outside a jail, much less decided where I can go to risk my life for their business ventures.
    It’s bullshit. We’re done waiting for things to change. It’s our consititutional right to enact the change we, as a people, deserve.
    Wake up. Do some research before you begin spouting crap you’re recycling from Fox news.

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  5. JQuasimoto

    Hey John, first why are the people as you say, “assholes”?  From my vantage they are fighting inequality in our society.  From my vantage they are speaking out against the corporate stranglehold on our political system and the tools those corporations and wealthy private individuals use to keep the 99% down.
    Your comment about their street signs is just as baseless.  The fact that you appreciate their signs as well as many of the visitors to this site (and those who saw them firsthand) is proof enough that these people have skill.  I am sure you were not railing agains the guys who wore billboard signs with the resumes on them in order to try and get jobs after the crash in 2007.  Those job creators that Congress, especially the GOP keeps talking about, how about they go out and creat jobs for these folks.
    John I think you are a very bitter man who has a problem with people whom you disagree with.  You know their is a system of government which helps settle these disputes, it’s called democracy.  And no where in the constitution does it says that corporations are people, yet those corporations made up of people, made up of Amercans are not democracies, nor do they function like one.