Toy Story

I have an obsession for miniature figures (mannequins, busts, furniture). So, I’ve recently started a miniature collection of miniature famous people, including the vinyl characters from the “Little Giants” by Alphie Northcote collection produced by the Jailbreak.collective. Size matters

My favorites are: Mao – so cute, so small, such a large forehead; Darwin – his devolution is the fittest; Frida Khalo – her mini-mustache makes all the difference.

In the litt’l boxes in which these figures come are a few factoids. For Frida:

One of her favorite hobbies was boxing.

55 of her 143 paintings are self-portaits.

Frida’s work was greatly influenced by her infertility, the result of a terrible bus accident in which she was impailed on an iron handrail that pierced her uterus.

These are not kids toys, to be sure.

3 thoughts on “Toy Story

  1. Jeremy

    Thank you for the great write-up on our Little Giants! We are always happy to see our figures fueling the collective obsession of others 🙂 Would you mind changing the spelling of “Alphine” to “Alphie”? He can be sensitive… Thanks again!

  2. D Young

    I love the little famous people dolls.
    Can you do a feature article on Steve Varner, sculpturer out of southern California. He has sculpted for the movie industry (King Kong) Mattel (G.I. Joe, Cheryl Ladd dolls, etc), Ronald McDonald giant playland to fine bronze sculptures.