Tumbling Russian Women

I don’t want to give this story away. It is a surreal tale of Russian women, well, tumbling from hither and dither. The illustrations are by Joanna Neborsky, and they are exceedingly charming collages. Tumbling Old Women by Danil Kharms is another in a long list of beautiful and surprising books for children (and adults) from Maurizio Corraini in Mantova, Italy. (See the list in English here). Neborsky is the author/illustrator of Illustrated Three-Line Novels.

Rather than reveal too much of the story, here are some of the illustrations.

3 thoughts on “Tumbling Russian Women

  1. Venda

    Once I saw drama play written by Daniil Kharms. It was the most absurd, surreal and hilariously funny piece, that I ever saw. This wonderful book looks like a big joy too.