345 Award-Winning Designs At Your Fingertips

Print’s Regional Design Awards is your chance to expose your work to not only potential clients, but the design world at large. See what designer Dan Blackman (work shown above) has to say as well as buzz-worthy design firm Fuzzco. SPECIAL NOTE: RDA DEADLINE FEB. 3.


“Historic” Historic Preservation

I’m a big fan of architectural historic preservation and restoration, and have involved myself and my studio in the saving of three structures that faced imminent destruction. These include railway stations in Skokie, Il, and Scarsdale, NY, as well as …


Happy Birthday To The Cathedral Of Commerce!

As many people do, I’ve often found it necessary to have things framed for display at home and in our studio—a relatively simple process that had always had a satisfying result. One “gallery” I used to take my stuff to …


History For The Price Of Peanuts

I can’t say I think of Planters’ Mr. Peanut as a source of historical data, but this colorful little “Paint Book” from 1935 would seem to indicate otherwise.

2012 Creativity+Commerce Competition Winners

  The Creativity+Commerce competition is Print’s annual showcase of the best in business graphics, from corporate logos and annual reports to websites, branding campaigns, and packaging. Below, you will find all of the above, as well as several posters, two …

2012 Hand Drawn Illustration Competition Winners

This is the second year of our Hand Drawn competition, which celebrates the best in illustration. To help us make sense of a crowded field, we asked for advice from the celebrated Los Angeles–based artist and designer Akiko Stehrenberger. “Judging …

Image of the Day, August 24, 2012

The stunning collector’s edition of Mark Z. Danielewski’s The Fifty Year Sword, which features a deluxe slipcase with five metal latches, Nepalese binding (an exposed, specially stitched spine), and a signed frontispiece. Design by Peter Mendelsund. Image of the Day …

2011 Creativity + Commerce Competition Winners

The Creativity + Commerce competition is meant to highlight the best business-focused design from around the world: logos, identities, annual reports, advertising campaigns, signage, and corporate brochures. But over the years, that world has sometimes seemed very small indeed, with …