345 Award-Winning Designs At Your Fingertips

Exposure shouldn’t be undermined, as it’s often the lifeblood of the creative industry. Having your work seen — especially when you are selected by an esteemed judge — gets people talking and when people talk, you land projects and collaborations are born. That’s why each year, the Regional Design Awards winners not only land a spot in Print’s most popular issue, but they’ll also appear in the Regional Design Awards gallery (which is now live with 2013 winners, totaling 345).


This incredible amount of exposure, both in print and online in a highly searched gallery, is something that past winners have noted as being a perk not just for bragging rights, but to help strengthen client relationships and build your career.

And in case you’re wondering who the judges are for this year, here’s the lineup so far: Michael Vanderbyl (Far West), Jessica Helfand (East), Debbie Millman (New York City) and Caleb Bennett (Southwest). South and Midwest judges will be announced soon!

“We love our work and we obsess over it for its own sake. But to be included in Print’s RDA is a special kind of recognition for everyone here at the office,” says Helen Rice, Fuzzco co-founder and culture director. “We work so hard and care so much about our projects, being featured by Print is a big deal. We also love the exposure for our clients. They’ve worked hard alongside us and it’s great to share the limelight with them.”

Mark Galbraith, VP of client services at Addis Creson, also is proud to share share the limelight with clients when they win in the RDA. “Aside from the great publicity, winning in two categories was beneficial for our agency-client relationship. There’s nothing quite like seeing our work in the Regional Design Annual to validate our efforts in shaping brands that create positive change,” he says.

New York-based designer Daniel Blackman sees an RDA win as a means to get your name out there, which he certainly has done (spoiler alert: Blackman is one of the rising stars featured in Print’s upcoming New Visual Artists issue).

“All designers know about Print’s RDA issue and it has almost become a given that a dedicated designer should enter. So when I entered last year, I knew it could be an opportunity to be showcased with some of the best designers in the country,” Blackman says. “When the issue came out, I received emails from students, agencies and even got a few new independent clients. Entering in Print’s RDA competition is a great way to get your name out there and I strongly recommend it to any designer at any level.

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