03/18/2014: Le Corbusier book

The wonderfully designed book The Legacy of Corbusier, is a project designed by SVA student Enle Li. From the cover to the gallery spreads, its simple, yet beautiful approach well suits the legendary architect. Check out additional images here. Via …


03/14/2014: Food maps

Food stylist Caitlin Levin and photographer Henry Hargreaves collaborated to make these inventive maps, built from the region’s most famous foods. Italy is rendered in tomatoes, the entire continent of South America is transformed into citrus fruits and the United …


03/13/2014: Pufff typeface

Pufff, as indicated by its name, is a very full-figured, blocky typeface designed by Rob Keller. For what seems mainly to be an artful display typeface, Pufff’s details include a large number punctuation variations and even a Greek alphabet variation. …


03/12/2014: Typewriter poster

Posters like this are ubiquitous these days (see the Image of the Day Oscar post as just one other recent example), but there’s something about these simply-illustrated depictions of the typewriter’s evolution that is both intriguing and educational (looking at …


03/11/2014: Lettering artforms

A look at the recent work of Budapest, Hungary-based designer Áron Jancsó typographic work. Many take a nearly abstract approach but still have an excellent geometric shapes and forms. Check out more here. Via Looks Like Good Design.


03/07/2014: Newsweek returns to print

At the end of 2012, Newsweek announced and released its last print issue. After a change in management in August of last year, it returns to print this week with a cover makeover and illustration to go with their controversial …


03/05/2014: Joy Division album art history

The pulsar image of Peter Saville’s iconic design for the first Joy Division album has been reproduced a lot in recent years. When Adam Capriola wanted to use the design for a parody t-shirt, he followed an internet trail that …


03/04/2014: Juan Carlos Pagan portfolio

A contributor to one of our past New Visual Artist issues, Juan Carlos Pagan has made the move to Design Director at Deutsch New York. Check out some of his work here, particularly his strong illustrative typography. Via ADC Young …


02/28/2014: Oscar dress poster

The 86th Academy Awards are this weekend and to commemorate, the people at Mediarun released this engaging, infographic-style poster. It illustrates the dresses worn in the Best Actress category from 1929 to the Christian Dior dress worn by Jennifer Lawrence …


02/27/2014: Art museum pamphlet

While having the work of a French art museum as your resource material may make the design come a little easier, Marceau Truffaut does a fantastic job giving the art for this membership pamphlet for the Palais de Beaux Arts …