Warn and Cover

When I was a kid, nuclear attack was the gravest fear. Every two weeks the air raid sirens blared and my class and I were ordered to “Duck and Cover.” Obviously, that wasn’t even helpful if a small bomb exploded in the schoolyard, no less a megaton device.



On the radio this morning I heard about NYC Board of Education’s precautions for Ebola, a list of practical procedures. Scary as the prospect of the virus is, I’m not sure that “going to the school nurse” if a child has symptoms is the best solution. In any case, I’ve been researching some of the posters and graphics used to caution and warn about the virus.

Thankfully, they are not alarmist, but I wonder whether they should be on a higher level than the Choking Posters. The answer: Awareness at every level of literacy. Here are a few, starting with the CDC facts poster.


14-026CDCEbola 141001-ebola-poster-1600_73f63cb17a3508ad9e44c17f9fbb5287 20140806-183422-g Department_of_Health_DOH_Ebola-Virus_Infographic_PosterEbola_virus_disease-Guine-Bissau Facts_on_Ebola-Poster-Udganda Transmission-Poster-French_and_Portuguese


The Design Activist’s Handbook: How to Change the World (or at Least Your Part of It) With Socially Conscious Design
In this book, authors Noah Scalin and Michelle Taute delve into how to participate in design activism while still making a living, how to obtain grants and exposure, the different types of socially conscious design, an analysis of design in the corporate world, and much more.



Weekend Heller: Learn Sign Painting

Sign painter Mike Meyer is bringing his hand-lettering workshop to New York. The event will give participants a chance to learn from one of the masters, with brushes, paint and lettering.


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Steven Heller talks with Henry Brimmer about his 2014 ArtPrize entry—a commentary on our post-9/11 lives and the freedoms that now hang in the balance.


Best Book Covers: Penguin Drop Caps

Jessica Hische’s collaboration with Penguin is a lovely nod to the printed word—and an unusual and intriguing twist to a personal project that got its start online.


Observer: In a Critical Condition

In this Observer column from Print’s International Design Issue, Rick Poynor discusses the term critical graphic design and explains what it means for designers today.


Haiku Video

Each Valentine’s Day the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy held a “bitter haiku” contest. This led to the creation of the hykoo video app. Read more from co-creator Assaf Dagan.


The Lion of Typesetting: Linotype

Frank Romano’s History of the Linotype Company (RIT Press) is as exhaustive as setting Linotype was exhausting in the hot metal days. But it is also a splendid chronicle of this lion of the typesetting field.


The Case for Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby was arguably the most important comic book creator of the 20th century. But who has the rights to his creations? The Supreme Court may weigh in.