Weekend Heller: Tufte’s Laws of Physics, Venture’s Capital

The Art of Particle Path Interpretation

The Cognitive Art of Feynman Diagrams, is a major exhibit of work by Edward Tufte (includes Feynman’s Van) at Fermilab, Batavia, IL, April 12–June 26. A downloadable catalog of the sculptures based on Richard Feynman’s diagrams, pictorial representations of the mathematical expressions governing the behavior of subatomic particles, is available here.

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Edward Tufte. All Possible 6-Photon Scattering (120 Space-Time Feynman Diagrams), 2012.

Edward Tufte. Rocket Science 3, Airstream Interplanetary Explorer, 2011

Edward Tufte. Rocket Science 3, Airstream Interplanetary Explorer, 2011

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Venture Out For A Design Adventure

The MFA Design / Designer as Author + Entrepreneur Thesis Launch, this year titled “Venture,” will premiere the work of 20 design entrepreneurs. See them at the SVA Theatre Chelsea (333 West 23rd St) or online.

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Regional Design Annual: Last Call
Today is the last day to enter your work in the prestigious Regional Design Annual and get your designs noticed by art directors, firm owners and other creatives across the nation.


Design Zen: Mindblowing Book Sculptures

No matter how you feel about deconstructing text and tome, it’s hard to ignore the beauty of these intricate works. Here are 5 of the best book art creators.

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Show Us Your Stinkin’ Matches

I’ve written about matchbox labels in this space before (see here and here) because it’s incredible that there are so many, so varied and so small. The latter is key. How do you fit so much into such a tiny space?


Do You Swear to Tell the Truth

You could imagine my surprise when on a sunny April day in 1969, I was served with a subpoena to appear before a State of New York grand jury. Actually it wasn’t me exactly, it was one of the three pseudonyms I used on the masthead of The New York Review of Sex (and Politics) also known by its partnership name, the New York Seed Company.


Give My Regards to Broadway

Broadway is the Art Deco typeface. Not just a pastiche of the era, but the actual face designed in 1928 by Morris Fuller Benton.


Featured RDA Winner: Harvard Review Covers

These covers for Harvard Review (a literary journal) are comprised of geometric forms which take a cue from the angular and curvilinear forms found in the typeface used for the journal’s title (a modified version of House Industries’ Neutraface).