48 Great Jet Magazine Covers

The third in a series of Google Books posts, this week I bring you Jet magazine. I’m pretty magazine-obsessed these days, with the re-design of both the New York Times Magazine and Newsweek at practically the same time!

August Heffner, Imprint: Print Magazine's Design Blog, Publication Design

About August Heffner

August Heffner is a graphic designer, art director, educator and illustrator. He was born in an antique store in St. Louis, MO and moved to New York City to work for his design heroes Matteo Bologna and Stephen Doyle. For awhile he worked for a really, really big branding firm. He is now a design manager at The Museum of Modern Art, the art director of Diner Journal as well as an illustrator and educator.

3 thoughts on “48 Great Jet Magazine Covers

  1. williettedrake

    i have several original jet magazines and ebony from the 70’s, 80’s and 90′s. Any idea what I can do with them? are they worth anything?

  2. mona young

    I have several original jet magazines from the 50’s and 60’s. They are very small. Any idea what I can do with them? are they worth anything?

  3. Enrique Ramirez

    I work with Johnson Publishing in Chicago and our company is the parent of EBONY and Jet Magazines. Love the images of some of Jet Magazines covers over the years. What would be the best way to reach you by email, and are you a regular with Imprint? Thank you