Ads Between the Sheets

A ham sandwich in diner slang is called  pig between sheets. Bread is called boards. Two boards with a person in between is called a sandwich board. Charles Dickens was the first to refer to such sign carriers as “sandwich men.” This kind of advertising is still in currency and the job opportunities are endless.

3 thoughts on “Ads Between the Sheets

  1. RWordplay

    Quite wonderful and much appreciated. The Sandwich man is as interesting a phenomenon as he is a profession.
    I believe Walter Benjamin wrote about this “character” as the final expression of the Flaneur. He can still be seen on the street, but appears as someone out of time.

  2. Kelly Waters

    I am already a subscriber to the Daily Heller and would like to get the free pdf of Steven Heller in conversation with Stefan Sagmeister et al but don’t see a place to do so. Please send it to me at the above email address or otherwise advise me on how I can download it.
    Thank you.
    Kelly Waters, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

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