And Speaking of Pornography . . .

. . .  There is Hitlerpornography. This is the lionization of the madman through recreation and, in this case, replication. Although this action (or aktion) figure is labled “war criminal” there is still an inescapable fetishistic rationale for its being in the marketplace. In Germany such iconography is outlawed, here it is absorbed into the morass of popular culture — and more, of toy culture. While it shouldn’t be outlawed, it shouldn’t have been made in the first place.

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  1. This is outrageous!  Maybe they should also make a concentration camp victim doll in a striped suit with a yellow star of David, or how about a little crematorium set-up to burn other “inferior” dolls in real flames! Honestly, to glorify this sick monster with this (including a Nazi fashion ensemble!) is beyond belief. I can easily come up with 6,000,000 reasons to throw this in the trash. Anyone who would buy this doll should be ashamed.